bike week 2013 need i say more?

2013 bike week


Is there anything better than going to the beach? Hell yes, going to the beach with 500000 friends to show off your new harley davidson or new indian motorcycle.  Yep it is that time of year again when a young mans attention goes south. South as in Daytona beach bike week.  Yep from Friday the 8th of march to sunday the 17th of march. 10 fun filled days of motorcycles, baggers, crotch rockets and nakid girls. What more could any man want. Oh I guess also the ocean and some beaches  but you all know what I mean. Bike week is almost here.

bike week 2013


bike week is the biggest motorcycle rally in the united states. It and the annual rally at sturgis go neck and neck every year to see which rally is bigger.  The daytona bike week started in 1937 as part of the daytona 200 race. The rally has been held every year since then. except for a couple of years during ww2. Even then that still had a unofficial bike week. Every year more and more people come down for the annual bike week rally. It is the wildest party held just about anywhere.  So you definitely have to keep your head on your shoulders or someone might take it off.

daytona bike week 2013

So it looks like harley davidson and geico are the big sponsors this year for the party. Both will have huge booths setup to see all they have to offer. I am sure there will be tons of swag given out each day by both companies. And it looks like Budweiser is the official drink so don’t forget to go by and see them and tell them how much you love their beer. It also looks like Indian motorcycles is planning on putting on a little show. It looks like they will be revealing the motor that they will be using in the all new indian chiefs. They are also sponsoring the Indian spring dash race. It is going to be putting on a great show all week long. Polaris has a lot riding on the new Indian chief. And Daytona is the place to start showing it off.

indian bike week

No matter what you are looking for you will find it at 2013 Daytona bike week. You name it there will be every kind of motorcycle there. From old to new to oh my god what is it. They will all be there. I only wish I was there instead of sitting here in good old California. So if you go bike week tell us about the fun you had in the comments!

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