Big Dog Motorcycles Build your own Chopper

So you have decided you want to build a custom chopper motorcycle, but you dont know where to start or how you are going to do it. Well Big Dog Choppers has a web site that is set up to help you build that custom motorcycle of your dreams.  You can buy a custom chopper in kit form.  If you only want a frame they have a frame. if you need the front end they can set you with the forks and triples. They have the latest custom 26 inch wheels to make your ride the baddest dog on the street. Big Dog motorcycles can supply you any of the parts you need in a easy to assemble kit form.

The Pitbull 280 Rolling Chassis Kits is the kit you want if you want to have everything you need to make your own Big Dog. It has the gigantic 280 rear wheel assy that drives all the girls wild.  The rolling chassis kit includes the frame and the forks and wheels. the kit also includes the skins and all the mounts for the battery and other electrical compontents.  All of the fenders and the tank comes in raw unfinished  form that is ready to be taken to the painter.  The Wheel kits that come with the rolling chasis package can be up to 23 inch or you go the full 26 inch custom wheels.

The big dog custom chopper kits are the easiest way for the week warrior to put together his own custom motorcycle. The kits have everything you need except for a rocking s & s engine and a nice 6 speed transmission. So this weekend when you are dreaming about building that bad ass chopper and need a place to go to buy the parts for the job Big Dog Chopper has everything you need to make to your dreams come true.

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