Best kept secret of Motorcycle Handling? AIR PRESSURE

So you jump on your bike and take off and you are crusing along enjoying the wonderful sunny day.  Then you see a nice long fast turn coming up, you put a little pull on the handle bars of your bike and instead of that laser like connection with the road. You feel a push back, you feel a soggy unresponsive  dull turn. You think to yourself  must be something in the road.  So you press on to the next section of winding curves and there it is again. You have to put alot of input to get the bike to move where you want. You think “great” whats wrong with my motorcycle now, or worse you think this is normal for you machine.  Want to improve your bike 200% make it handle like a new bike or turn a old soggy ride into a new machine. Always check the Tire Pressure.

Motorcycle tire pressure is the most overlook aspect of maintaining your ride. I own a motorcycle shop and almost every rider from the novice to the back canyon racer comes into the shop with low tire pressure. We check out the bike and usually find around 12- 15 pounds of pressure. Tire air pressure is critical for handling and stability, but it also helps gas mileage and tire wear.

So if you want your motorcycle to carve up the moutains roads or just handle great running around town. Make it a habit to at least once a week check both of your tire for proper inflation and to make sure your bike is ready to hit the road.

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