Be on the watch for the harley davidson breakout

harley davidson breakout

Lean and Mean harley davidson

So harley davidson has finally dropped the new softail breakout durning bikeweek in daytona fl. It is what we expected, one of the leanest and meanest softail’s they have released yet. Super fat rear tire, check, low to the ground, check, long and stretched out, check.  A rumble that will make your girlfriend happy, check. This motorcycle has everything you need to be tearing up the streets stop light to stop light. Harley has even given it the big guns with the 103 engine. That pumps out over 75 horses. A slick 6 speed gearbox. They left out all the things you don’t need in a street machine.  you wont find no windshield or saddle bags. This aint no bagger.  She is meant to tear up the streets one stop light at a time.

harley davidson breakout tire

I like big butts and I can not lie!

The breakout is definitely a sweet machine. Inspired by classic choppers with tons of black chrome accents in all the right places. Harley has prices it at a reasonable(if your a rich man)  $18000 or even more reasonable $18000 if you want the flaming red version. Either way this is one of the finest harley softail you can get right now for the money. So if you are looking for a new motorcycle to tear up your neighborhood or impress that little cutie down at the bar. This is the harley davidson for you. Tell us what you think of the new breakout?

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