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vfr1200 honda 2013

Back in the saddle. Well the holidays are over and it is back to the grind. Lucky for me the grind is something I love doing. reading and riding and writing about motorcycles. I am a very lucky man. I live and breathe everything about motorcycles. From the time I wake up in the mornings till I get home in the evenings I live motorcycles. So lets start 2013 with a motorcycle from honda. A bike feel really got the short end of the review stick. The honda vfr 1200. A motorcycle that was rumored for years and was talked up about for years. This motorcycle was going to be the be all end all of a modern motorcycle. It was going to be a full on sport bike but was also going to be a touring motorcycle. It was supposed to be light years ahead of the competition. It was going to show the Germans how to make the perfect motorcycle.

2013 vfr1200


Sometimes high expectations can really work against you. And with the vfr 1200 the expectations were so high that no motorcycle could live up to the designs. The mythical motorcycle that everyone was expecting. So the vfr 1200 landed with a thud. It wasn’t the second coming or even close to it. So the motorcycle press basically called it a turd and went on to hyping the next greatest motorcycle of all time.  Which is too bad. Because the vfr 1200 is a evolutionary motorcycle. It really is the next generation sport touring motorcycle. Honda has produced one of the finest all around motorcycles that can be used on any road. On any kind of trip. Be it a trip to the store, or a trip across the country.

2013 vfr1200

sophisticated motorcycle

Honda has produced the most refined sport tourer motorcycle ever. It has it all.   A 1200 cc motor that pumps out over 170 horses. 150 at the rear wheel. It uses a sophisticated dual clutch system. This allows you via a selection switch to determine how hard you want to be able to shift the bike. It has 3 modes of operation. the basic full on manual mode, A sport mode for the racer in you. And finally a around town mode. This allows to computer to decide what shifts work best depending on your riding style.  The chassis is a fine tuned machine. Able to sock up every pot hole or crack in the road and never lose your line. It is liking being in a high end race car that is driven by a pro. This motorcycle can do anything you want it to.

2013 honda vfr 1200


The honda vfr1200 is the motorcycle for the future. This is what riding a motorcycle is all about. It is using the latest technology to give us the closest feeling of flying down the road. With nothing between us and the feel of the road. Honda really dropped the ball on this motorcycle. They have a winning combination of design, style and performance. Honda motorcycles should have a relaunch of this motorcycle. It deserves a lot more than the big red machine has given it so far. So you VFR1200 riders out there tell us about how much you love your VFR1200.




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