Auto wheel balancer for harley davidson motorcycle

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harley davidson auto wheel balancers

So are you tired of your tires on your harley davidson always wearing out unevenly?  get it TIRED!  sorry I crack myself up sometimes. Want to make them last longer? What if I told you I know a product that will make your tires on your harley  last 30-50% longer. Not only that they will wear more evenly. No more cupping no more scalloping. Just smooth even wear on your motorcycle tires. Now I know what you are thinking. This guy probabaly has a couple of screws loose. Well that might be true, but I still know how to make your tires last longer.

2013 harley davidson

Centramatic on board wheel  balancer

Centramatic, The leader in truck wheel auto balancers has started making a set for our harley davidson motorcycles.  I guess in the trucking business they have been doing this for years. They have been saving tons of money and making the tires on their truck last longer. So if it is good enough for the truckers. Its good enough for us bikers. The secret these guys have figured out is how to make a tire wear even all of its life span. The way it is now, you get your tire balanced when it is new and that’s it. But the tire is constantly changing as it wears. And the more it wears the more out of balance it becomes.

motorcycle wheel balancer harley


goldwing victory and harley davidson

centramatic has made a great product for our harley davidson. They also make them for victory motorcycles and also goldwing 1800 bikes. They all are easy to install. heck you can do it your self if you can take your front wheel off your motorcycle. They mount directly under the brake rotor. And should for many years. They even come with a 5 year unlimited miles warranty.   If you sell the bike you can remove them and install them on your next motorcycle. so if you want your motorcycle tires to last longer and wear better. Go get a set of centramatic wheel balancers.

goldwing 1800 wheel balancer

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