Apple gets its lightning from harley davidson

harley davidson lightning

harley davidson and Apple?  put them together and you get lightning. Not the kind that comes from the sky. The kind that plugs into your Ipad or your I-phone or your I-whatever.  Apple needed a new name for its special dock connectors.  (Who knew you needed to name the connector you use to charge your Ipad.) Apple decided it wanted to use the term “lightning” but the tech company found out that a certain american motorcycle manufacturer owned the rights to the term. So being apple and having more money than GOD. Apple decided to buy the rights from harley davidson.

harley davidson

The original lightning was a buell motorcycle. Buell was the company that was owned by harley davidson and produced sport bikes with v twin harley motors in them. The sale of the trademark “lightning” still allows for harley to use it in some ways. The amount apple paid for the term is not know and probably will not be released.

harley davidson

I would love to see more harley davidson and apple products combined. I think bring the best company in the tech world and the best motorcycle company in the world. Is a match made in heaven. I would love to see a I-rod or a I-bagger. Fully decked out with the latest tech and connected to the internet. That way you could be cruising down the strip and reading the latest posts from motorcycleppf!

harley apple




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