American Classic 2013 Harley Sportster

harley sportster

The harley sportster a american icon. A motorcycle that has been in production since 1957. A motorcycle that is timeless and evolving at the same time. For many people this was their first real harley motorcycle. This was the entry level machine harley produced. They produced a lot of them. The first motorcycles came with the iron head v twin motor with the transmission built into the cases. The transmission was driven by a chain drive off the case to the transmission in the rear of the cases. The engine was directly mounted to the frame for a lighter motorcycle and to save money. But it also transmitted all the vibration right thru the motorcycle for that legendary harley sportster shake. Then in 1986 they upgraded the motor to the new evolution engine.  They kept the same engine mounting all the way till 2004. When they finally added rubber mounts to try to lessen that sportster shake.

HD sporty 1971

The harley davidson sportster is probably the number one selling motorcycle of all time.  One of the main reasons it is a top seller is that the motorcycle is a blank canvas. Just waiting for each new owner to put his mark on her. The motorcycle comes in a very basic configuration. This lets you customize it to the motorcycle you want.  harley of course will help you out. They have a endless amount of accessories to add  to your motorcycle.  They have everything from turn signals to custom exhaust to air cleaners.

hd sporty

Harley Davidson has made one of the greatest motorcycles ever built. They did it by making a awesome motorcycle with minimal design. They focused on whats important, the machine itself. They left it up to the customer to make the motorcycle of his dreams. Harley just provided the motorcycle to do it with.   There has been every type of sportster out there.  From high end custom choppers to hill climbers to eric buell and his sport bikes.  The sporty can do it all.  Harley has a 110 year history of making great motorcycles but the sportster made be their greatest motorcycle ever.




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