american chopper the final episode!

american choppers cancelled

Love them or hate them. The guys at orange county choppers dominated the custom motorcycle world. Everyone who watch’s TV knows who Senior, Junior and Mikey are. They brought custom choppers into the homes of millions of viewers all over the world. Both motorcycle lovers and non motorcycle lovers alike. You didn’t have to know what a pan head was or what a sporty was. If you liked drama and watching a family come together or fall apart. It was all there for you to see. Of course with success you will always have the haters. There is no shortage of people who just cringe every time you mention OCC or PJD.  but I always enjoyed watching the show and will miss seeing what new motorcycle they were going to build. To nite is the last episode of american choppers. Ten years they have been a apart of my TV family. I’m sad to see them go.

american choppers final

For 10 years and over 220 episodes We have watched the teutul’s fight and build motorcycles. They are sure going to be a tough act to follow. I’m sure the people at discovery channel has some other motorcycle show waiting to replace the custom motorcycle building show.   I wish all of the best in all their business endeavors. And look forward to seeing them again real soon. Either on TV or on their websites.

american chopper cancelled

Thanks for all the memories Senior and Junior and Mikey.  Hope to meet you out on the road someday!


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  • thomas dobias

    i saw the last show on american chopper i like seeing the guys on the show
    build chopper motor cycles with all the cool colors and wild bike frames
    it made want to buld a classic 60s bobber chopper like the biker movies
    and on sons of Anarchy.