American Chopper FDNY sept 11 tribute

Sept 11 2001. The day that changed everything.  Everyone who was around that day remembers the lives that were lost.  Everyone pitched in after the event and helped in anyway they could. Some people like the New York fire department gave everything including their lives.   The boys at Orange County Choppers built a custom motorcycle to pay tribute to the men from the FDNY. In total 343 men went into a burning sky scrapper and never came out.  Here are a few pictures of the custom motorcycle they built to honor the memory of those hero’s who gave all to save as many lives as they could. They called it the Fire bike.

The details on this custom motorcycle are incredible. From the hose shaped exhaust to the fire hydrant carb. The motorcycle is a work of art. There is actually a rivet from one of the world trade center towers attached to the motorcycle.  It is truly a outstanding memorial to the men who didn’t make it home that day.

We must never forget that day in sept. When the world changed and we understood that we could be attacked on our home soil.  We must never forget either the courage and bravery that the FDNY showed that day.

t11, 2001

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