Akrapovic Morsus custom motorcycle

Akrapovic, maker of fine custom motorcycle  exhaust systems.  Conductor of the music our motorcycles beat out everyday on the road. They  also builder of exotic custom motorcycle. Last year Akrapovic was looking to make some new custom exhausts for the cruiser market.  They figured what better way to show off their manufacturing skills than to have a custom motorcycle built to showcase the new music they want to make.  So they got in touch with Dreamachine Motorcycles of Slovenia to build the wildest showcase for their mufflers ever built.

So after hiring Dreamachines they told them they have  3 months to design and build the baddest custom ever.  So 2 and half months later they deliver the motorcycle to Akrapovic and thus is born the “morsus”.   The means “to sting” in Latin. This motorcycle will definitely sting your brain with its incredible designs.  The design idea of the bike is it is a rolling scorpion (akrapovic logo).  The handle bars are made to look like the long pincher on a scorpion.  While the seat and tail section stands proudly like the tail of a scorpion.

The engine is a 1852 custom  motorcycle engine putting out over 140 hp.  Then even more torgue than you can twist a throttle at.  The giant v rubber tires 26 inch front and back make the bike handle like an atomic gyro scope racing down the road.  The rear suspension a small Fox shock that handles the duties of absorbing all the road has to throw at your backside.  The best part is hearing the sonic roar of the sweet exhaust notes as they come out of the tail pipe. Akrapovic is the master of aftermarket exhausts and the music this motorcycle makes is no exception.

Since debuting this bike last year. Akrapovic has won many championship awards for outstanding design and for custom motorcycles building. This lead to a 11th place finish in the AMD world championship of custom bike building.  The Morsus completed in the freestyle event against many bikes that had take years to build and with unlimited budgets. The winning motorcycle from Japan had taken 3 years to build and cost tons more.  Akrapovic  is a leader in aftermarket motorcycle exhaust. If you want your bike to have the sting. Go out and get a Akrapovic for your bike.

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