Air powered yamaha motorcycle zero emissions

zero emission yamaha motorcycle

The future of motorcycles may be a air powered engine. A gent down under has built a yamaha dirt bike that runs on compressed air. This yamaha motorcycle truly has zero emissions. The motorcycle is the brain child of aussie inventor Dean Benstead. He is an industrial designer and  graduated from the RMIT out of  Melbourne, Australia.  He came up with the idea by thinking of “what if”.  Like what if we could have a motorcycle that has zero impact on the environment. He the started prototyping different designs till he finally came to the current version of the motorcycle. He calls it the 02 Pursuit.

yamama motorcycle zero emission

The new yamaha motorcycle started life as a wr250r dirt bike. They removed the old crusty fossil fuel burning engine and replaced it with a new motor. An Air Engine from Engineair. This engine runs on compressed air from a tank.  The new hybrid zero emission motorcycle will go up to 60 miles on a tank of compressed air. It can hit top speeds of of almost 90 miles a hour.  Pretty great for a prototype. This motorcycle is better than the new electric motorcycle as it has no heavy electric motor.  Also there is no rare element batteries. This means no worries about changing out the batteries and no long charging times.  This really makes for a zero emission motorcycle. Currently the O2 pursuit is competing for the James Dyson inventors  award.  Right now it is one of fifteen projects on the short list to win this year.

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