50 years honda motorcycle and the baja 1000

honda motorcycles and baja 1000

The annual baja 1000. The baddest race on the whole planet.  A mad dash from ensenada to la plaz mexico.  Honda motorcycles has been there for 50 years.  In 1962 two crazy guys took off on honda cl72 scramblers.they wanted to prove to the world that honda motorcycles had what it took to run the hardest off-road race of them all.  They not only proved that honda made the best motorcycles  out there.  They did it in record time.  Dave Ekins and Bill Robertson started a tradition with honda motorcycle and the baja 1000. That continues to this day.

honda crf and baja 1000

Honda motorcycles have won the baja 1000 a record number 22 times over the last 50 years.  Honda’s wining streak has gone on for 15 years now. They are looking to extend that to a 16th year in a row.  but there is not only the factory teams that race honda’s in the baja 1000. You will find all kinds of honda motorcycles and ATV’s running the course. The race is wide open to any kind of motorcycle, atv or vehicle.

2013 honda crf450r

So check out if history will be made this year. Check out the baja 1000.



The JCR honda team locked up the win for the baja 1000. the new crf450 cinced the lead and finished up in La paz over a hour ahead the nearest competition.  The new crf450 leading for more than 970 miles of the 1000 mile race.  the avergae speed of the motorcycle was 55 miles per hour. This makes a impressive 16 times in  a row that honda has won the baja 1000. Not only that 9 outta the 10 top

way to go honda and way to go the new crf450x. That is one hell of a machine.  check them out at your local honda dealer.

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