2013 zero motorcycles The future is electric!

zero electric motorcycle

The new electric motorcycles for 2013 are finally getting plugged in! Zero motorcycles has dropped the details on the new models for the 2013 model year. And they are looking good. Every year zero motorcycles is upping the ante on electric motorcycles. 2013 looks to be the best year yet. Zero has made major changes to its complete line of motorcycles. They have also released a new model. The FX, a sleek black motorcycle. The company says it is the rebel of the industry. A real go anywhere, do anything model. The best part I can see in the FX is that it is the lightest, fastest electric motorcycle they produce. It weights in at a tiny 275 pounds and has a whopping 45 horses. It should go like crazy stop light to stop light.

zero electric motorcycle fx

The favorite of the press is the zero s. It is the wannabe sport model.  It has the cast wheels and the sporty body work that reminds you of a smaller sport bike. zero motorcycles claims to have increased the range to a 140 miles around town driving. Which is a nice step up from last years range and about average for a sport bike. They have also lowered the time it takes to charge the motorcycle to as little as one hour to bring the batteries up to 95 percent charge. A welcome improvement and something everyone will appreciate.

electric motorcycle zero s

2012 was a great year for Zero motorcycles. They sold more electric motorcycles in Jan 2012 then they did in all of 2011. 2013 looks to be a even better year. Zero is working hard to make the dreams of a electric motorcycle reality. They are updating and upgrading constantly to make a electric motorcycle the best motorcycle you can buy.  If they keep working like this I can see a day when a lot of people will be trading in their old gas powered bikes for a clean smooth and quiet motorcycle.  What would you like to see in a electric motorcycle. comment below and maybe Zero motorcycle will make the changes you want!

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