2013 Yamaha xt250 take the road less traveled


Sometimes the road less traveled is not taken because it is less traveled. Sometimes you need a motorcycle that can take you down that road and take you down it safely. If you buy the new 2013 Yamaha xt250  you can take that road and  have a great time doing it!  Yamaha has updated the time tested xt 250 to bring it in to the new century. The bike has tons of new features that make it the most reliable, easiest to drive, funnest machine out there.

The best thing Yamaha did for this bike is they changed it to fuel injection from the clunky old regular carb model.  This makes for smooth power and easy starting.  Especially after you just dropped it on the side of a giant hill and you are now facing the wrong way. You dont have to worry,  the new fuel injection wont be loaded up and flooded out. you can hop right on her and hit the electric start button and she will light up like a champ.  It is amazing that any manufacturer would still use carbs on any motorcycle.

Yamaha along with improving the engine has also increased the suspension to 11.5 inches of travel to really help to adsorb the bumps on the road less traveled. They have also improved the brakes with a 250 mm front disk and 210mm rear disk to bring the machine to a stop when you need to.  All in all this is a fine entry level machine for the beginner or a great performer for the experienced rider.  The Yamaha’s light weight and easy handling make the bike a dream to ride in all conditions.  The yamaha xt250 is a smart update on a great design, this ride will not let you down when you decide to take that road less traveled and will always get you home.


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