2013 yamaha vstar 1300 bagger

vstar 1300 bagger

Yamaha is jumping on the bagger craze. It is dressing up it vstar 1300 model with some new bits to try to cash in on the bagger style.  Yamaha has added a factory bat wig fairing and some new saddlebags. They call the new/old beast the yamaha vstar 1300 deluxe. The motorcycle is the standard 1300 mid sized cruiser.  It has the good old 8 valve 60 degree v-twin with 1304 cc.  It is a single overhead cam  motor. It puts out a claimed 70 horses but in the real world it is probably closer to 50. Not to bad for a mid sized cruiser. It will pull you and your partner and all your gear. All over the country and never make a noise.  It has the standard cruiser tube steel frame. Stiff enough to take on the corners but nothing you want to do any back canyon racing. Being a mid size cruiser she gets a respectable 42 MPG and the belt drive purrs like a kitten.

2013 vstar 1300

The new yamaha vstar bagger comes with a fork mounted bat wing fairing.  The new fairing holds the new electronic systems added to the motorcycle. It has a integrated stereo sound system. There is also a Garmin GPS navigation system with a 7 inch LED display. There is a control pod switch setup on the left handlebar. It also has a Bluetooth wireless. This will let you connect your ipod or cell phone to the sound system. The Garmin GPS also will connect to satellite radio and can get traffic info while on the road.

2013 vstar garmin navigation

The new yamaha vstar bagger deluxe comes in a deep blue color and sells for around $13000.  As a mid size cruiser the vstar 1300 never turned alot of heads.  It was a ho hum machine that did its job completely but nothing to write home about. Yamaha has changed that, The new v-star 1300 deluxe bagger is a home run.  This mid sized touring bike is just what the doctor ordered. It is a great entry level bagger.  The fairing and bags and electronics really make this motorcycle stand out.   She will be a great touring motorcycle.


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