2013 Victory Baggers are here!

The new victory bagger are here and the first one we will be showing off is the new 2013 cross roads bagger. This model is for guy who wants a classic look and feel of a standard motorcycle bagger, but wants to have all the bells and whistles of a modern motorcycle.  The classic chrome spoked wheels and the soft leather saddle bags give this the look of a motorcycle from the 50’s. Both front and rear fenders and saddle bags come with chrome accents to really make them stand out in the crowd.  Then Victory has installed a kickin tri oval exhaust to give it that deep down heart pounding sound. Victory has combines the new with the old with this classic victory bagger.

The motorcycle comes with the standard Freedom 106/6  cc motor. It is fuel injected with 48mm throttle bodies for smooth responsive acceleration. It puts out over a 100 pounds of torque and will make the motorcycle take off like a rocket. This victory bagger also has a sweet 6 speed transmission that has overdrive.  The shifts on this motorcycle are crisp and positive.  Don’t want to be messing around trying to get her in gear.  Victory has refined the transmission to make it the smoothest sifting motorcycle on the market.

The 60 spoke wheels really help give the motorcycle that 50’s style we all love.  Victory has added the new dual disk  300mm floating rotors with 4-piston calipers and  ABS brake system to help bring the motorcycle back to earth after you take off. It also has a standard inverted 43mm forks.  The modern designs of the victory cross roads bagger really help to sell these awesome machines as a alternate to the classic Harley Davidson motorcycles. The retro styling and modern motorcycle technology is what make the Victory motorcycles one of the best American made motorcycles on the market.





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