Sturgis 2012 is here!


The countdown has begun for the biggest baddest loudest motorcycle rally on the planet.  Sturgis 2012 kicks off in less than 30 hours.  promising a week of partying playing and other things we cant mention on a family blog.   The motorcycle fun begins on August 6 and goes for the whole week.  Their will be lots of events and shows to go see. There will be tons of women wearing nothing but war paint.  There will be vendors showing off the latest motorcycle gear and products. There be any kind of food you can imagine and all the drink you can handle.  You might even see a few movie stars.  The thing you will see the most of, is people having a good time celebrating their love of the motorcycle.

There is many places to stay while you are at the motorcycle rally.  Some of the better ones are  Buffalo Chips camp ground.   go to their web site and check out all the events they have planned for your enjoyment. Another great place to stay is the broken spoke campground they also have tons of enterainment and things to do at the rally and the katmandu campground also a great place to stay.

One of the best resources for finding info on whats going on at the rally is the website will let you find out what you need to know tho get around durning the rally this year.  The info you can find there is what places to go to. What places to eat at.  Who’s going to be at the motorcycle rally this year.  They have a very handy schedule of events web page.  you can find the rides or poker runs  there  or what shows you want to attend.  This years rally looks to be even better than last year with attendance going u

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