2013 the year of the harley davidson

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2013 the year of the harley davidson?

Is 2013 the year of the harley davidson. According to the Chinese this is the year of the snake. They believe that the snake is sign of good luck and prosperity.  I think that this also applies to harley davidson. This year is going to be a good and prosperous year for the motorcycle manufacturer. Unlike most of its competitors, harley davidson has been working on changing how they make and sell motorcycles in the world. They have streamlined and cut the fat down to the bone.  Harley learned a vital lesson in 2007 when the bottom dropped out of motorcycles sales. Nothing lasts forever. And if you don’t stay flexible you will break.

harley davidson 2013



Change is GOOD!

Yes change is good. but change is also hard.  hard choices and hard times. Change never comes easy. 2013 is going to be the year for harley davidson. Most of the reorganization is complete.  harley is a leaner meaner motorcycle making machine. Now is the time when harley has a chance to really innovate and wow all of  us  with the best made motorcycles in the world.  Its time to prove that change is good and harley knows how to change with the times. That harley davidson is flexible and wont break when things get rough.

harley davidson 2013

harley has released a lot of great motorcycles for the 2013 model year. They are showing they have what it takes to last. This is definitely the year of the snake but I think it is also going to be harleys best year ever. maybe not in total motorcycles sold. but in proveing they have what it takes to last. 110 years is a good start for a motorcycle company. Here’s to another 110 years of harley davidson’s

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  • motorcycleppf

    yeah harley is kicking butt this year!