2013 Indian Motorcycle Chief Vintage LE

Indian Chief, a iconic motorcycle that has been around for almost for almost a hundred years. Its design so perfect that even 91 years later people still want to buy one.  The first indian chief was created in 1922 by the indian motorcycle co. They orginally  started the company in 1897 to produce bicycles but soon turned to producing motorized bicycles and then factory motorcycle racers. The releases their first v-twin motorcycle in 1905. The motorcycle called the roadster won lots of races and broke world records for endurance and speed. The company peaked in 1940 when they produced as many motorcycles as their chief rival harley davidson. Led by the sales of the indian  chief.

The 1922 indian chief was a 1000cc  v twin  motorcycle that  had a lot of the design elements that went into making the legend that is the indian chief.  The 1940 model got the large skirted fenders that would be the trade mark design and seal the iconic design that is timeless in its looks. Even  in the year 2013 the motorcycle stands out for its designs.  The bike was continued to be produce until the mid 1950’s when the company went out business.   The company changed hands many times over the years since, but one thing never changed, they all produced indian chiefs.

The newest indian motorcycle is a very limited production chief.  They plan to produce 35 of the awesome motorcycles for the 2013 model year.  The new indian motorcycle has pearl white and black two tone paint . The motorcycle will retail for around $ 38000  and customers can expect to get delievery in the next few months. Indian motorcycles also plans to have the motorcycle available around 6 other color schemes to fit everyone’s taste and styles.  So if you have always dreamed of owning your own indian chief, here your chance to go back in time and ride a bike that is timeless and will be sought after for another 100 years.


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