2013 honda metropolitan


Honda motorcycles is bringing back the 50cc scooter.  The new 2013 honda Metropolitan is being re released after being discontinued in 2009.  The 50cc scooter comes in new colors for 2013. They also have updated the headlight and gauge assy.   The leg shield now has additional storage area in addition to the storage under the seat.

Honda has updated the pgm-fi systems to squeeze another 4 mpg for a whooping 117 miles per gallon.  So if you want to take this to get groceries this bike will get you there all week for pennies a trip.  Honda has left the scooter suspension unchanged from the 2009 model.  It was already a sweet ride in 2009 and rides the same now.  The brakes have also not been changed, it is still a linked braking system where pulling the front lever will actuate both brakes front and rear which helps the little bike will stop on a dime.

So if you are needing a new run around town scooter. Honda has brought out the most advanced scooter on the market.   It is a fun little machine that gets awesome gas mileage. It has an automatic transmission a fuel injected motor and tons of storage.  The metropolitan is just the best way to kick it around town.


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