2013 honda cbr500 or cb500f or cb500x

2013 honda cbr 500

So honda finally let the cat or cbr outta the bag. The spec for the new cbr500 was released and pretty much matches up with the story we had a month ago. There will be 3 different versions of the new motorcycle. All three models will have the same 500cc twin engine.  Each with a distinct market that  it is trying to squeeze into.  The first is the cbr500. It is the full fairing sport bike version. You can get this model in the classic red/white and blue or the atomic red.  It has the 500 cc twin engine. It has fuel injection and comes with 17 inch rims front and back. The cbr500 also comes with disk brakes both front and rear.  The base model will sell for around 6000 dollars. You can also get a version with full anti lock brakes (ABS) for 500 bones more.  This is the model honda hopes to steal some sales from the kawasaki ninja 500.  Kawasaki has been holding down  the mid weight sport bike market for 20 years. So it is about time someone came in and shook up the status quo. Hopefully this will kick kawasaki in the butt and finally release that super secret new ninja 550.

cbr500 honda

The next new model is the cb500f. I still haven’t quite figured this model out.  It sorta looks like a sport bike? but really doesn’t.  Its not a retro motorcycle.  they say it is a nakid version if the cbr500. but to me it looks like a cbr500 that they haven’t finished putting the plastic on yet.  It does have different handlebars instead of clip ons. Which will give it a slightly different ride position.  This model doesn’t make much sense to me but I don’t run honda. So they didn’t ask me for my input.

2013 honda cb 500f

The last of the new trio of motorcycle from the big red is the new cb500x.  This is from the new adventure line of motorcycles. I think that is what the “x” is supposed to mean. Of course I don’t know what adventure they are expecting from this motorcycle. It has a upright stance of a enduro motorcycle. A small sporty windshield and a super large gas tank and big 41 mm forks. I guess you can take this motorcycle down some of the back roads. It looks like you can definitely do some long hauls on this model.  This models range is probably over 300 miles a tank. But who has a iron butt that can ride it that many miles without stopping for gas.

2013 honda cb500x

It is nice to see the big red branching out into new markets and trying new ideas. Hit or miss  these look to be fun motorcycles. They are definitely aimed at the beginner mid level rider. But I am sure anyone will have tons of fun riding any of these new honda’s.



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