2013 honda cbr 250r the ninja killer

So you and your best bud is going up the tight side of Palomar mountain. When a orange and black blur flies past you and disappears around the corner.  You finally catch up to the guy at the top. You then stroll over hoping to get a peak at what kind of motorcycle this guy has. When you get over there you cant believe your eyes. It is the new ninja 250r killer. The honda cbr250r motorcycle and it has got the new for 2013 repsol smokin orange paint job.  This motorcycle was designed with one task. Take down the ninja 250r as the king of the 250cc sportbikes. Honda has done its job well for this motorcycle is a dream machine for the entry level rider.

Honda has perfected the 250cc sport bike and proves it by not changing anything on the 2013 model.  The only updates this year is the new reposol paint scheme. The motorcycle looks awesome and really sets it apart from the little green machine and its boring graphics.  It has the same water cooled 249cc motor. The same DOHC  and 4 valves per cylinder. The motorcycle is fuel injected with a PGM computer running the show and 38mm throttle bodies.  Which is very nice since the ninja 250 is still not fuel injected.  Its got the basic 6 speed tranny and standard sport bike 17 inch wheels front and back.

Another nice feature on the cbr250r is the optional ABS braking system. This feature really lets you slam on the brakes for perfect stops every time.  The gas tank holds almost 4 gallons of fuel and with the motorcycle getting 77 miles per gallon can go over 200 miles per tank of gas.  Not many motorcycles can race around all day on a single tank of gas. Honda has almost created the perfect entry level sportbike. It is a great handling little machine that can out run many larger motorcycles out there. So if you are looking to get into the sportbike and don’t want to be overwhelmed but still want to kick butt out on the street.  The honda cbr 250r is the motorcycle for you.



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