2013 hayabusa why change perfection?

2013 hayabusa 1500

So what do you do when you have had the fastest production motorcycle in the world? Well if you are suzuki motorcycles. Not much. The new 2013 suzuki hayabusa is basically unchanged for the new model year. The only new bits to the worlds greatest superbike is ABS brakes. Not that we are complaining. The one area where the hayabusa could use some improvement is in the braking department.  It takes alot to bring a rocketship down to earth and the new Brembo monobloc brakes with ABS can get the job done nicely.  I guess this gives suzuki a reason for upping the price on the new model by 800 bones.  You would think that they would get a bulk discount for making so many of the same motorcycle all these years.

2013 suzuki hayabusa

Still the hayabusa is a legend. The motorcycle is world known as the king. Why would suzuki want to mess with perfection. The sales for the bike are still solid. The motorcycle itself is practically sex on wheels. But like any girl friend, after a few years you do start to see a few flaws in the ride. You get a little too comfortable with her.  Thats when you start getting those roaming eyes. Wishing she had a few motorcycle cc’s on top.  Maybe she needs some new bodywork. lose some of that extra weight she has been putting on over the years.  A little more style.  You know it would be nice if she got off the line a little faster maybe with out spinning out so much.  Yeah new girlfriend is just what we need. Hopefully suzuki is listening .   A hayabusa 1500 sounds about right.   maybe a new traction control system.  Maybe the can shave a few pounds off the bike and increase the power to weight ratio.

2013 hayabusa 1500

Suzuki is coming up on the 15 year anniversary of the hayabusa. Hopefully they have something in store for us out here.  If you were in charge over at suzuki what would you like to see in the 2014 model year motorcycle.  You never know suzuki might just be reading this story.


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  • Norismail09

    I am 54 yrs old and wishing to extend my relationship with my 2008 busa for more years to come. 4 yrs ago I went for the busa because of her beauty but today I am loving every horse from her power and guys….she has not shed any of her lusty look.

    However I wish very much that my busa is 10kg lighter. For an aging asian at 165cm tall and 72kg wt to move the busa from standstill may take a lot from him. 

    This is my first time complaining….since you’re asking….cos there’s nothing like riding a busa……superb…so if only she can be lighter, it will be multi superb, any pounds less will be appreciated

  • Haspory

    There is no telling what Suzuki are planning for the Busa’s future. On the one hand if they stray too much from what has been a success story until now it could ruin the the bikes reputation forever, yet on the other if they come up with a radically changed or even an all new from the ground up bike this might give the predator a new lease on life. So which way to go then ? Well maybe somewhere in between would be the safest option. In the end nobody, including the people at Suzuki will know how the motorcycling world are going to accept the next generation Hayabusa.