2013 harley davidson street bob


The new harley davidson custom factory motorcycles have landed. I think we can use a little bit of the blog to check  out these new motorcycles.  See what we like about them and see what we don’t like them. Then talk about what we wished they had added to this years motorcycles. The first is the 2013 harly street bob.  This is the old harley dyna series of motorcycles. Harley has restyled the motorcycle to be a modern day bobber.  She is a time tested solid machine. Harley has stripped the girl down. She is sold in a base model no frills style for a decent price.  At $12000 to $13999 depending on the color. You will get a awesome motorcycle.  Now here’s where the story gets interesting. This motorcycle is part of the new H-D1 program where you can customize the motorcycle to your tastes and desires.

The idea is you buy a regular factory motorcycle and Harley will customize it for you. You will have over 2000 design choices. You can add screaming eagle exhausts or you can add a sissy bar for your woman. You can get some custom fat bob slotted rims or get a custom leather seat.  The choices are yours to make. If  you want the big motor, have them put the twin cam 103  motor in the motorcycle and then go out and kick your friends butt from stop light to stop light.

Some the new things you will find on the street bob are

Rubber-mounted  fuel injected Twin Cam 96 V-Twin engine  kicking out 95 horses with a six speed gear box.

Rear fender that has been chopped and combination tail light assy

classic air cleaner assy for the bobber look.

mini ape hangers with the wires on the inside for the clean custom look!

Harley-Davidson security system to keep anyone off the bike you don’t want on it!

Finally ABS brakes.  A modern brake system for a modern motorcycle

The new street bob is a great entry level motorcycle for the guy that just want to have a ripping beast or for the guy who want to customize his motorcycle to look like it was built by hand.  Harley has really upped the designs on these new motorcycles to let the average buyer get a his own custom motorcycle.  H-D1 is a great system to be able to go online and build the motorcycle of your dreams.



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  • Donniecarl6

    wow whats going on with Harley ? are they forgetting about the people that got them started? the riders! i don’t know about you but at 13000 to 15000 for a stripped down ride? if people are making that kind of money right now they are some lucky.. people are losing there homes and everything they have worked for all there life’s and what does Harley do they jack the price up…. looks like another over sea’s company to me trying to drain every penny out of the people that made them and then take away jobs..1000 less people making a pay check. ya real nice Harley  way to go good looking out.. go brag about ribbing off the working man some place else….