2013 Harley-Davidson Road King CVO

The new 2013 Harley Davidson Road King! Now with chest bumping 200 watt stereo system.  The new audio system is a factory installed rig. It comes with handlebar controls. The motorcycle has 2 5 x 7 speakers  with kickin tweeters built into the saddle bags. It also has two 5.25 speakers up front mounted in the front lower fairings.  You can hook your Ipod ( included with the motorcycle) directly into a interface on the motorcycle. This harley davidson is built for the 21st century. Now you can cruise down the highway. While listening to your favorite tunes from your brand new ipod.

Besides having a kickin audio system. The road king has a new wind tunnel tested vented windshield.  The new windshield  is designed to create a low pressure field behind the windshield to greatly reduce buffeting. There is also a adjustable vane to help move the airflow away from the driver.   The best part is the windshield is easily detachable for the guy that loves to ride with the wind in his face!


The road king cvo has the latest twin cam motor in it.  The screamin eagle v twin  has over a 120 ft pounds of torque and over 100 hp.  This makes this motorcycle no slouch in the hp market and will put a smile on the grumpiest guys out there.  Harley has also added a new slipper clutch.  This help the bike when you are down shifting. It takes a load off the engine and transmission.  This helps to increase the life of the engine and drive train.


The new 2013 cvo line of motorcycles all come standard with new ABS brake systems.  They also have cruise control and harley new Smart Security System.  You will also get a free motorcycle cover for your bike.  The cover features a nice CVO Logo. So you can impress all your friends.  The new CVO models are a very limited production. They are expecting to produce around 3500 of this model. So dont wait, get down to your local dealer and get yours on order now. Before they are all gone.



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  • Thomasdobias36

    hi my name is  thomas dobias from  bell flower califorina   i grew up as a teen ager in the 60s
    when though of people ridding motor cycles was of the out law types  like the hells angels
      people who where vioent until i met some bikers who rode harley davidsons
       my faviorte show sons of Anarchy is about a motor cycle club- gang if you want 
        think of sons of Anarchy  a show about a out law mortor cycle gang or mc club
          thats  the way i use to think about bikers  who rode choppers