2013 Harley-Davidson breakout cvo OMG


Harley has dropped a new model for the 2013 model year.  It is the long rumored softail breakout.  It is sex on wheels. Harley has reached the peak in design on the new softail motorcycle. It has everything you want in a softail and then some.  It is the best softail ever made. Every aspect of the motorcycle has been refined to perfection.  The fenders are new the wheels are new.  This is one kick ass softail!

The first thing will notice is the new paint process. The colors practically jump off the tank and fenders.  They have minimized the console on the tank to free up more area for the unbelievable custom paint job.  The kind of paint job  you would see on high end custom motorcycles.  This motorcycle has to be seen to be believed.  There is three color choices, all are unbelievable.  Harley uses a 10 stage sanding process with a three stage clear process. The paint jobs on these breakout make the bike unique and classy at the same time.

Harley didn’t stop with the paint job.  They also chopped the front and rear fender. To show off the rubber installed on the motorcycle. A  fat turbine custom 21 inch front wheel. Sporting a huge 130-21 tire. Then in the back we have a hefty 240-18 sticking the bike to the ground and tearing up the pavement.  To help support the new rubber harley has widen the front end and stuck a nice little headlight up front to light up the night.  They have also upped the front brakes with twin 11 inch rotors to slow you down.  if you really want to do that.  I guess sometimes you gotta stop.

The motor harley has in this model is the time tested  twin cam b. putting out about around 120 ft pounds of torque.  The meanest of all the cvo line of motorcycles.  This makes this the fastest of all the cvo motorcycles. so if you need to be the bigdog. This is the model to get.   But don’t wait to long as this is a rare beast.  There is only going to be about 2000 of these units produced. So she will be in high demand.  I know if I had a spare change laying around I would be going down to HD today and putting my money on the counter to get me the sweetest softail harley has ever made.




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