2013 goldwing mustang seats have arrived

goldwing 1800 mustang seat

Mustang seats. Known the world over as one of the best producers of awesome aftermarket seats. Usually for most cruiser motorcycles and harley davidson motorcycles. But did you know they also make a great seat for the Honda gl1800 motorcycle.  Yep they produce a great seat designed especially for the goldwing. The seat they make is made for the long haul rider. Someone who definitely has a iron butt. The seat comes in two different styles. heated and non heated. You can also get the passenger backrest from Mustang and a drivers backrest assy.



 Mustang seats designed for touring

The seat mustang designed changes from the honda motorcycle factory seat. The seat is a inch less in width and height. This helps in getting the old leg over the bike and helps to plant your feet more firmly  on the ground. Mustang has also moved the driver back about 1 inch to help sit the driver in a more natural position. This helps to increase the amount of time you can spend on the motorcycle. Before you will get too tired to ride.  (not that i think that is possible). Mustang has not only changed the driver part of the seat but also the passenger side as well. They have engineered the passenger part to hold the rider in position. Preventing the rider from sliding down into the driver.  The back rest has also been padded to allow the passenger to sit more upright. Making the ride in the back a lot more comfortable too.

mustang goldwing touring seat

So if you are looking to replace that tired old honda stock seat. Mustang definitely has the new seat for you. Mustang has looked at what a touring motorcycle needs in a seat. Something that will keep you in the saddle as long as you can. To get as many manys as you can each day.  So check them out they have hit a home run with this saddle. Both you and your passenger will love it!


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