2013 goldwing 1800 touring champion!

gl1800 goldwing 2013

2013 honda gl1800 goldwing. A state of the art touring motorcycle. Finely tuned after almost 40 years.  yep 2014 is the 40th year anniversary of the honda goldwing. Starting out in 1974 with the gl1000. There have been over a million wings made since 1974.  All of them produced in the United States till 2010. Now they are made in japan, using the tooling from the original plant in the USA.  If any motorcycle could lay claim to the title of touring champion. It would the honda goldwing.  Of course that was not what honda motorcycles had in mind when it designed the first gl1000 goldwing.  They actually didnt have anything in mind when they released the goldwing. They listed it as a touring motorcycle but didn’t even bother to sell any bags or fairings for the bike. The motorcycle was big and heavy. And wasnt a really good seller the first couple of years. But something about the motorcycle caught on with the buying public and soon the goldwing took off. Aftermarket companies started selling bags and accessories for the goldwing. Before long even honda understood what the motorcycle was built for and they started selling the wing with a complete touring kit.

goldwing 2013 prototype

Honda goldwing evolved from the gl1000 to the gl1100 in 1980. This was the first year you could actually buy a goldwing with a fairing on it from the factory. Pretty crazy if you think about it. It took Honda 6 years to decide to sell the king of all touring bikes with a full fairing on it.  The gl1100 was just a modest change from the gl1000. They basically upped the cc’s and added a few bells and whistles. Of course in 1983 honda did reach out a little bit and add a few state of the art changes to the wing. Starting with a LCD gauge assy. A linked braking system. And anti dive forks. All great improvements for the handling of the motorcycle.

goldwing 2013

The first real change for the honda goldwing came in 1984 when Honda released the gl1200. This was a completely redesigned new goldwing. Everything on the motorcycle was improved and made for touring. In my opinion this is the wing That I love to drive the most. It is a solid motorcycle. Comfortable in its skin. A motorcycle that can be used for touring and also be used for running around the mountains. The beefier frame and better suspension made this a joy to drive. This definitely where the title of touring champion starts to fit the model. Honda has finally learned what a goldwing is and how to build them

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