2013 dakar rally report

2013 dakar rally ktm

Well the big dakar rally started jan 5th in lima, peru. This is the 34th annual event. The man to beat is the 4 time winner of the dakar’s Cyril Despres. He will be riding a KTM. He currently is expanding his lead in the 11th stage of the race. He is looking to make it his 5th win in the dakar rally.

2013 dakar route

The route this year will be running through three different countries. Peru, Argentina, and chile. The Peru section will have will start in the dunes of Peru and will test the riders right from the beginning. Desert riding can be punishing but you can be sure the teams will be ready. The next section will be in Argentina. Where you will find all types of riding environments. From the mountains to the dunes to back in the mountains. Then finally to the last country of chile. Where you will have the ocean on one side and the Andes mountains on the other side. Either way the teams will be tested to the max.

2013 dakar rally

People all over the world love the dakar rally. It is the ultimate in endurance and skill. Many teams enter. Very few teams finish. All will be tested. Man and machine will be pushed over the limits. So if you get a chance go online and check out the event. It will wish we had a dakar rally here in the united states.

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