2012 the year of the ducati

ducati 2013

Like I need any reason to post my favorite picture of the panigale.  Ducati has released its sales figures for the 2012 model year and it is outstanding. The company has had a over 20% increase in sales of motorcycles. The company is also saying they had a whopping 43% increase in sale of apparel. This is incredible news considering how slow the motorcycle market has been for the last 3 or 4 years. Looks like Ducati has been making all the right choices. They have really been expanding the appeal of their motorcycles. They especially have expanded the us market. Where 1 out of every 4 motorcycles sold have been sold right here in the United States.

ducati 2013

But its not just the sport bikes that are fueling ducati’s climb in sales. Yes they do make the most drop dead sexiest motorcycle ever produced the ” panigale”. It is the fact that ducati is making inroads in the cruiser market with the Diavel.  Also they are making one of the best dual sport motorcycles out there the “Multistrada”.  Ducati is now going head to head with with some of the big boys. They definitely getting into the harley davidson markets and the BMW markets.  Ducati has learned the best way to ride out a recession is to expand your brand. And they have done that in spades.

ducati multistrada

Ducati is know for building some of the best sport bikes in the world.  Now they are  making some of best cruiser and adventure motorcycles too. Due to them expanding their base of buyers they have had a stellar year. No other company has shown these increase in sales. While other companies are turning out economy motorcycles and retreading old designs. Ducati is innovating and expanding. I personally think they have the right idea.  (hint hint Honda what are you doing?).  2012 was a great year for ducati.  Here’s to hoping that 2013 will be a even better year.



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