2012 Sturgis motorcycle rally

Well the 2012 sturgis rally is in the rear view mirror now.  It is time to start planning next years rally. Before we do lets sit back and enjoy some shots taken by the few hundred thousand people who were lucky enough to go this year.  The  new thing this year was the rise of the custom bagger harley. They were everywhere and they were looking awesome.  The girls this year really had to compete with amazing new designs and customizations.  Just when you think you have seen it all.  Someone rolls by on a motorcycle that is even more wild than the last.

Can you believe this harley has a flip top windshield.  The rake and the size of the wheel is mind blowing.  This guy has taken the custom bagger to a new level.  The 26 inch custom rim is one of a kind.

of course there was lots of drinks available for everyone.  This young lady was selling ice cold lemonade.  You can find any drink you need while you are at sturgis. Also you will find the finest women to serve it to you.

of course custom baggers was not the only motorcycles in this town.  There was plenty of hand built harleys.  These one of kind creations are the reason we all love motorcycles.  This motorcycle was built in honor of the 72th year the rally has been going on.

Well the 2012 sturgis motorcycle rally is over and we are all heading home. Thinking about that girl we met or the new friends we made at sturgis.  We all share a love of motorcycles. We lover the infinite designs and custom motorcycles and we love the infinite types of people who ride them.  Sturgis is a celebration of the spirit of what a motorcycle is and in how we live our lives.   Long Live Sturgis!


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