2012 San diego Comic con motorcycles

Every July nerds from around the world make their annual pilgrimage to the mecca they call  “comic con” The say it like there is no other comic con on the whole planet and for once they are right.  This is the biggest, baddest, most star packed show there is. At the San Diego Comic Con International You will find every thing your pop culture heart desires and more.  This is so much more than just comic books, this is a celebration of everything pop culture. You have every type of geek or nerd or dork there is, from movies to animation to collectibles to tv shows to the Simpsons to Steam punk outfits. From Twilight to marvels “the avengers”  they are all here.  They all come and march down the aisles in search of their  favorite swag to take home and share with friends.

One of the reasons  we go is for the motorcycles.  Now you are probably thinking motorcycles and comic con?  How the heck can those two things go together. The magic of San Diego comic con is anything is possible.   This new motorcycle is from the movie coming out called “looper” its  a new Bruce Willis movie coming out this summer. Then we have the hell motorcycle from the first “ghost rider” A awesome chopper that any demon would be proud to be seen on.

Then we have the new GI JOE movie and one of the bikes used in the movie. Firefly’s motorcycle is a custom bike used by the GI Joe firefly to beat the evil cobra army.  So every you ever dreamed about you can probably find it at the San Diego comic con.  I go every year and I have never been disappointed.

Have you ever been to comic con?  what was the coolest thing you ever saw at the con?


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