2008-2012 Kawasaki Concours recalled

kawasaki is recalling some 2008 to 2012 Concours 14 motorcycles to repair a problem with the braking system.  The recall is for 13289 motorcycles. The problem kawasaki is  the brake pedal has too much clearance and debris can get between the pedal and the frame and cause the brakes to drag or lock up and cause brake to failure prematurely.  If you have the zg1400c model with the linked brakes this can also affect the front brakes.  Kawasaki is contacting the owners of the effected machines.  You can bring your zg1400 to your local dealer and they will replace the brake rod and cover free of charge.

The ZG1400 Concours has been around since 2008 but the zg1000  concours has been around for 21 years going all the way back to when Michael Jackson’s thriller was still brand new. 21 years ago the sport touring motorcycle was created.  Now there is plenty of machines to choose from like the Yamaha fjr 1300 or the Honda St1300 or even BMW k1200gt.  The title of sport tourer is still the concours it is the best priced motorcycle with the most horsepower you can get.   Since 2008 they have improved the model even more, it handles better, has more horses and brakes with abs like nobodies business.

The true test of a sport touring bike is not how fast it goes but how comfortable is it while it goes fast.  The concours is the most easy to ride comfortable motorcycle out there. Kawasaki has refined the engine, taken from the zx-14r and tamed its power band and made it a monster of speed and a monster of comfort.  Nice and easy shifts and smooth power band make it a joy to  drive for hours on end.   The ZG1400 Concours is dreams of the long distance traveler. You can take this motorcycle all over the country and never feel like it is wearing you out.  So the next time you want to take that trip to the mountains jump on your Kawasaki to do it!




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