2 stroke sportbike? 1985 suzuki RG 500 GAMMA

In 1985 you could down to your local suzuki motorcycle dealer and buy a GP style race bike. The 1985 RG 500 Gamma was suzuki’s production race bike and it was a one of a kind water cooled, 2 stroke, square cylinder twin crank racer.  The lightweight (340) put a astounding 95 hp to the rear wheel and hugged the road like it was its mommy.  For just a few thousand dollars you could basically own the same race bikes of the GP style racers.

The 500 cc square four cylinder engine was advanced 2 stroke racer.  suzuki fine tuned every aspect of the motorcycle. It had a aluminum frame that weighted almost nothing but was stronger than any other steel frame. It used a posi damping front brake system. This helped with the bikes tendency to nose dive under extreme braking.  It had a full floating rear swing arm assy that help the motorcycle hug the track like it was hugging its mommy! The 4 mufflers made a wicked exhaust sounds that was as unique and the bike itself.

The suzuki rg 500 gamma was a gp style race bike that you could pickup right off the show room floor for a few thousand dollars. Now days if you want to own one of the machines. they can go for over $30000 or more.   if you own a gamma leave some comments telling us about your experiences or if you want to own one someday tells us why.











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  • Matt

    I owned one of these bikes back in the day . . . How I’m still alive has me baffled. The Suzuki RG500 Gamma was amazing!