2 million bikers cant be wrong!

2 million bikers


Today was a great day for freedom and liberty.  2 million bikers or close to it. Well a whole lot of bikers drove through the Capitol to protest the million muslim march. Well actually 3000 muslim march.  well whatever it was. The Freedom loving biker was there to let the world know that we are a free country.

2 million bikers

The city of DC has denied the 2 million biker a permit to pass through the capitol. that didn’t slow them down. They said we don’t need no permit to ride our machines. So they did all day long. Blocking traffic most of the day.

2 million biker dc

If you want to read more about this story here is a link. “2 million biker” but I wouldnt waste my time with what the media has to say about today. Just know that a lot of bikers stood up for freedom and liberty and remind the capitol that its only their as long as they serve the people.


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