1985 Suzuki GSXR 750 There is no subsitute!

“Porsche. There is no substitute.” (Thank you, Tom Cruise).  What he should have been saying is “Suzuki GSXR 750. There is no substitute” cause if there ever was a bike that could never be replaced it would be the 1985 GSXR 750 or more affectionately know as the “Gixxer”.  If Honda changed motorcycles forever with the cb750 k0 then Suzuki created the production race bike with the birth of the gixxer. This bike from its inception, was the choice of professional racers and privateers all over the world. by 1986 it had already won multiple championships including AMA and the  Bol d’or 24 hour race.  It took the racing world over and hasnt given it back since.

Born in March 1985 from the capable hands of Hiroshi Fujiwara. He was in charge of the layout of the bike and from the beginning knew his creation was special.  It was Suzuki’s first aluminum  frame 750cc and was also the lightest   sportbike weighting in at 379 pds. This gave the gixxer the best power to weight ratio ever on a motorcycle. The oil cooled 4 cylinder motor put out over 100hp and with the light frame came in the same weight class as a much smaller motorcycle.

The gixxer is still to this day a powerhouse of a sportbike and is still competitive. On Any Sunday you can still see this bike tearing up the tracks or ripping down the mountains with all the bikes following behind it.  I can still remember back in 1986 when I first saw the GSXR 750. I was cruising  down the strip in my small town in Indiana and when I notice 2 light coming at me. They were too close together to be a car, but at the same time I was thinking it couldn’t be a motorcycle. The next thing I saw was the light start lifting up in the air and as it blew by me I couldn’t believe what I was seeing was a guy riding a wheelie down main street.  I had to chase that guy down and see what he was riding. I knew it changed everything and I was so right.


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  • Melcraig204

    Still the most ground breaking bike ever made. Absolute monster of a bike! I’ll never sell mine

  • gxxr

    truer words were never spoken I love my gixxer!