1982 cb900c one of the baddest cruisers you could get way back when!


It is 1982, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are at the top of the charts with “I love Rock and Roll”  the latest movie is E.T.  and Pink Floyd has a little movie call “the Wall” and the best cruiser you can buy is a cb900c.  Honda’s refined double overhead cam, 5 speed dual range transmission for 10 gears of pleasure. Its smooth as silk shaft drive will go 100000 miles with out needing to be serviced. The chick will line up around the block to take a ride on the back of your machine.

Now if you are real lucky a lady might want to take a trip with you and then you can really impress her when you whip out your optional samsonite luggage and take for that long weekend up the coast. With the 1982 cb900c this ride is ready for anything you can throw at it or anyone! Now go out there and find your CB900C!

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