110 years of Harley Davidson motorcycles

110 years ago a small company in Milwaukee Wisconsion.  Harley davidson started as motorcycle company. that would go on to make  bikes that people would love for generations.  The motorcycle design is basically unchanged for 100 years.  The sounds or exhaust note the motorcycle makes is world renown and copied by every major motorcycle manufacturer out there.  The bikes are highly customizable and are made to order. They have been used in both world wars and by police departments all over the world.  They have the most loyal followers from  the HOG groups  “Harley Owners Group”. Many other clubs like the Hell’s angels. Their merchandise line  from jackets to t-shirts  to motorcycle boots all branded harley davidson makes millions of dollars a year.

The company was started when william s harley designed a engine that could be used in a bicycle.  the bicycle was built to be a racer and would be sold to the public. The company at the time fit in a 10 x 15 ft shed with Harley davidson carved on a wood board hung in the door.   The motorcycle company would continue building bikes.  In 1917  1/3 of all motorcycles produced went to the military for the war effort and by 1918 half of all the bike produced went to the military.   In 1919 Harley released the 37 cubic inch twin cylinder motor. It was a very sporty model that was worlds quieter than previous models and was a huge success in Europe.

Over the next few weeks I will be continuing this story and adding more info from the decades of stories about our favorite motorcycle and the company we love.  Harley Davidson is a nation treasure and their motorcycles will be rode for another 110 years.   What stories do you want to share about your H-D.   add your story to the comment section and we all can discuss these great machines.


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