100 posts mostly about motorcycles

It all started when I was in 2nd grade my dad wanted to get me a motorcycle to ride around the yard. We looked at honda and suzuki’s but I fell in love with a little kawasaki kv75.  I had no idea that little motorcycle would would take me on trip that would last for the rest of my life. I loved that bike. When I rode it I was free. It stated me on  a ride that has brought me to your home.  Today marks 100 posts I have written about motorcycles in 3 months. 100 post each averaging around 250 words. Thats 25000 words I have wrote about a subject I love. I live motorcycles everyday of my life. It feeds my family and the families of the people who work for me. We all share a love of anything that has 2 wheels and a motor.  We dont care if it is a honda cbr 600 or a harley davidson nightrain. We live for bikes. We work on them durning the day at work. Then we go home and work on them at night.  I even get to write about them.  When I started the motorcycle blog. I figured I would have a hard time coming up with new ideas and stories everyday. Then when I found out a story needs at least 300 words for a good rating on google. I figured there was no way I could do that everyday. How can anyone produce that many words on anything.    The reality is when you write about something you love. You never have a difficult time deciding what the next story will be. Now the biggest problem I have is deciding  which bike am I going to write about. Or what new product that I like and what I think of it.

I own a motorcycle shop. I enjoy my work everyday.  Even when a customer pushes my buttons and gets outta line. I still love going into my motorcycle shop.  When I started my shop 17 years ago. It didn’t take much to own a motorcycle shop. I started in a  small garage buying and selling motorcycles. I worked hard and my business grew.  and the biggest competition was the guy across town or the local Suzuki dealer or local Harley-Davidson dealer.  Now things have changed. Mostly for the better.  The World Wide Web came around and changed the playing field. Now you have to complete with not only the guy down the street. You have to compete with every motorcycle store on the planet.  I think this helps everyone. It makes me a better owner as I seek out the best deals for my customers on the latest motorcycle gear .  I work harder on every helmet I sell and every motorcycle I service.

Which brings me to the purpose of this story. So now not only do I sell motorcycle helmets and sell used motorcycle parts. I also have to run a web business. I have had  to learn about web pages and blogs and on-line sales. More than I ever imagines owning a motorcycle shop would have to do.  So my love of motorcycles has made me have to become a expert on not only everything motorcycle.  It has taught me to learn about running a business.  I have had to learn about managing people and customers.  I have learned about online sales and how to write a motorcycle blog.   Thinking back on  my first motorcycle, it took me all over my yard and down the road.  I had no idea that it would someday make me a writer online.  So the next time you swing your leg over your honda or kawasaki, just imagine the places your motorcycle can take you.

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