dope nose weezer

dope nose weezer

Great motorcycle video from the band weezer.  enjoy the custom motorcycles and the stunting.    

Stockers Motorcycle Parts in San Diego

Stockers Motorcycle Parts in San Diego

USED MOTORCYCLE PARTS In sunny San Diego California is a great place to get used motorcycle parts. They are one of the largest motorcycle dismantlers in the country.You can find just about anything you need for your motorcycle. They cover every year motorcycle from the late 50’s to 2014. you will find it all there.(…)

  1. lance blair: Looking for CDI for 1984 Virago

vintage honda motorcycle ads

vintage honda motorcycle ads

Here is a cool collection of motorcycle ads from the 60’s and 70’s. these ads are what made honda the world class motorcycle manufacturer of motorcycles.  So enjoy!

“nam-made” motorcycle

“nam-made” motorcycle

  Check out this home made motorcycle from one of our customers at stockers motorcycles.    come back soon to read the story behind this ultra custom motorcycle

Business in the Front Party in the rear Blood on the Street

Mullet and a Harley Nothing like starting you morning out watching a guy and his Harley almost killing himself twice. So enjoy and remember always to stop before you enter a intersection.  Then try to keep your speed under 50 when coming into your garage  

1969 cb750 k0 prototype last one of the orignal 4

The rarest of the rare! Here is your chance to own history. One of the original 4 prototypes of the 1969 cb750 k0.  The motorcycle that changed what a motorcycle was. The rarest of the rare cb750 sand cast models. Right now on ebay, you can bid on a piece of motorcycle history. The last(…)

testing mc tester

testing mc tester!

  1. reg26: Wish you would post more stuff!!

    • motorcycleppf: yeah I am working on that. I am busy on a new software project. helping people find used motorcycle parts.…

2 million bikers cant be wrong!

FREEDOM AND LIBERTY Today was a great day for freedom and liberty.  2 million bikers or close to it. Well a whole lot of bikers drove through the Capitol to protest the million muslim march. Well actually 3000 muslim march.  well whatever it was. The Freedom loving biker was there to let the world know(…)

Harley drops the BOMB. Water cooled sweetness 2014

Harley Davidson drops a Water BOMB! So harley davidson has finally decided it is time to drop the the so secret news that they have a water cooled engine. Yep for the 2014 model year harley has 2 motorcycles that are getting the water cooler treatment. The first is the the 2014 ultra limited and(…)

SHHHHHH Stealth Motorcycle being tested!

Special Forces new “MMX” stealth! The US special forces has many special tools to get the mission accomplished. Here is the latest and greatest. The new MMX Stealth motorcycle. Yep a stealth motorcycle.  

  1. reg26: Looks cool but electric bikes just dont excite me in any way. BOARING!

bassani and danmoto exhaust pay up sucker!

California Carb is at it again! Well California is at it again. Nothing like fining a motorcycle company for selling its products. Yes bassani and danmoto dared to sell or even market products in the great state of California with out the approval of the Air resource control board.  Danmoto has agreed to pay 7000$(…)

motorcycle parts. How to find them!

motorcycle parts How to find them! go to So your new honda motorcycle has broke down, and you need some new motorcycle parts for it. What are you going to do. You could go to a online auction and take your chances buying a used motorcycle part from some guy out of his garage.(…)

  1. thomas dobias: say if i wanted to restore a classic 1966-67 harely davidson bobber choper cycle all need to do find a…

Need motorcycle parts for your ride?

locate used motorcycle parts!   So your 1985 honda cb700 nighthawk has finally stopped running. You are needing a new starter relay .  Honda wants a arm a leg and your first born. You go down to your local motorcycle salvage yard. Hoping to pick up a good used motorcycle parts. When you arrive the place has(…)

Harley davidson sales drop

harley davidson say’s winter winter go away! harley davidsons sales were down 12.7 percent compared to last year. harley is blaming the winter that just wont go away this year.  In Q1 this year harley sold 35000 motorcycles. Compared to over 40000 units they sold in Q1 2012. Now I know 35000 new harleys sound(…)

new leo vince exhaust for cbr500

new leo vince exhaust for cbr500

honda cbr 500r ready to race So you love your new honda cbr 500r. But wish it would go a little faster. Well Leo Vince has just the thing to make your new motorcycle go a little faster and maybe a little louder. The stock cbr 500r is a great little motorcycle. It is easy(…)

zztop headlining harley davidson 110th concert

ZZ TOP headlining harley davidson concerts Yep harley davidson is going all out for the big 110 year anniversary celebration that is happening this august. Harley plans to have more than 60 bands playing for the weekend party.  The event will be held at the Milwaukee Lakefront. The party will be getting kicked off on(…)

harley davidson most loved not most reliable!

harley davidson owners love their rides! Consumer reports just finished their annual survey of motorcycle owners and determined which motorcycles were the most reliable. And which had the highest satisfaction. They surveyed over 4000 new motorcycles owners on many different aspects of motorcycle ownership. They then compiled the data to show which models were the(…)

  1. motorcycleppf: who doesnt love their HD

honda motorcycle sales are up 29%

honda motorcycle sales are up and up Times are tough for motorcycle manufactures. The last four or five years sales have been down and things didn’t look good. But honda motorcycle is starting to see some changes. Starting last fall sales of new motorcycles have been improving. honda sold almost 65000 units in the last(…) Enter to win!

harley davidson and marvel teamup! harley davidson and marvel’s comics  ironman is teaming up this summer to give you some very cool swag. They are teaming up for the new man and machine give away.  run dont walk, I mean go  to www.harley-davidson/ironman and enter to win a chance to be in a comic book and(…)

  1. thomas dobias: i like some of 2013 harley davidsons with the classic styling harley davidson motor cycles are known for

triumph motorcycles recalls 675 for stem problem

triumph motorcycles has a recall triumph motorcycles is recalling some 2012 and 2013 675’s and speed triples. So what incredibly important problem could triumph motorcycles  be trying to fix. Must be something very dangerous. Something that would need to be fixed right away. Something that would make the customer have to bring his motorcycle in(…)

suzuki motorcycles in bankruptcy

suzuki motorcycle seeing red! Well the fallout from the suzuki filing for bankruptcy continues. After shutting down its American automotive operations here in the united states. Suzuki is now looking to make its motorcycle and atv lines more profitable and better able to withstand the current economic environment.  To do that suzuki is looking to(…)

victory motorcycles love us or your money back

victory motorcycles new warranty So victory motorcycles is so sure you will love your new victory hammer or eight ball. That if you don’t they will give you your money back. Yes thats right Victory will refund your money if you don’t think your new motorcycle is the best motorcycle ever produced. Starting on Mar(…)

yamaha motorcycles pays california 36K fine

CARB strikes again yamaha motorcycles has aggreed to pay the califonrina air resouce control board or CARB 36000$.  The horrible thing that yamaha did to deserve this? They accidently put the wrong emission sticker on 96 ATV’s. Yep that right they put the wrong sticker on a ATV they sold in california. And you want(…)

yamaha bobber, watch out harley davidson

yamaha urban performance bobber So yamaha wants to cash in on the bobber market. So whats a major company to do. I know lets strip down one of our star cruiser line v star 950’s and add a few accessories.  And viola we have a bobber motorcycle. Or as yamaha wants us to call it.(…)

new indian engine The thunderstroke!

indian thunderstroke 111 So Polaris has finally dropped some juicy details on the new 2014 indian motorcycles.  For bikeweek in Daytona they have shown off the motor that will be powering the all new indian motorcycles next year. And I for one can say I am really impressed with the design and style of the(…)

Be on the watch for the harley davidson breakout

Lean and Mean harley davidson So harley davidson has finally dropped the new softail breakout durning bikeweek in daytona fl. It is what we expected, one of the leanest and meanest softail’s they have released yet. Super fat rear tire, check, low to the ground, check, long and stretched out, check.  A rumble that will(…)

honda goldwing f6b bagger

honda goldwing f6b review So honda motorcycles seeing a rise in demand for harley davidson baggers. Decides it needs one to sell too. But what honda motorcycle would make a great bagger. Would they chose a great cruiser motorcycle like the honda vt1100 shadow aero? Or maybe the vtx1800? You would think so. Either one(…)

Hot off the press motorcycle news for you!

Hot off the presses motorcycle news and reviews! So yamaha motorcycles just released thier sales figures for 2012. Not good.  Unlike harley davidson and ducati, yamaha’s sales for 2012 were down.  Total units of motorcycles sold in the united states was down nearly 8%  and ATV sales were down more than 2%.  Yamaha motorcycles has(…)

harley davidson says NO MORE MUSIC!

if its too loud your too old harley davidson As the saying goes, if its too loud your too old. well harely davidson must be getting too old. The company just came down hard on the guys building the new motorcycles. Harley has decided that the only sound they want to hear on the production(…)

  1. Paul: If the workers are breaking into song and dance I can see how its a distraction. But really?

  2. Robert Trunz jr: I think it makes sense

Auto wheel balancer for harley davidson motorcycle

  harley davidson auto wheel balancers So are you tired of your tires on your harley davidson always wearing out unevenly?  get it TIRED!  sorry I crack myself up sometimes. Want to make them last longer? What if I told you I know a product that will make your tires on your harley  last 30-50%(…)

2013 the year of the harley davidson

2013 the year of the harley davidson? Is 2013 the year of the harley davidson. According to the Chinese this is the year of the snake. They believe that the snake is sign of good luck and prosperity.  I think that this also applies to harley davidson. This year is going to be a good(…)

  1. motorcycleppf: yeah harley is kicking butt this year!

bike week 2013 need i say more?

BEACH, BAGGERS AND GIRLS OH MY! Is there anything better than going to the beach? Hell yes, going to the beach with 500000 friends to show off your new harley davidson or new indian motorcycle.  Yep it is that time of year again when a young mans attention goes south. South as in Daytona beach(…)

harley davidson donates street glide for bike week

harley davidson donates a street glide harley davidson donates a street glide this year for the annual bike week in daytona. They do this every year to support the  Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). This year they have customized a 2013 harley davidson street glide. but of course harley wouldnt just drop any old street glide.(…)

Win the Fast n Loud motorcycle from chopper live

Chance to win a chopper! Remember the chooper that fast n loud built for the chopper live: the revenge show?  We bloged about it here. check it out. Well discovery is giving one lucky viewer a chance to win it. that is if you watch the show tonite they will be giving out a code(…)

Electric Indian scout motorcycle

Future indian scout? A future indian motorcycle.  A electric indian? A new concept motorcycle. One thing we never can get enough of here at motorcycleppf is the future of motorcycles. Sure we all love the classics and the present motorcycles. But what really gets me excited is what the future holds for our motorcycles. Will(…)

vance and hines pays 500K to state of california

Vance & Hines might want to consider moving! So you think living in sunny California is all surf and wine tasting festivals. well if you are a business in California it can be a little on  the tough side right now. Especially if you are vance and hines motorcycle exhaust company. The company just got(…)

Norton vincent hybird

Some pictures of motorcycles and women are just worth a post all by lonesome! There is nothing better than a hot woman on a classic motorcycle.  feast your eyes and enjoy this Norton and the young lady on top of her.

harley davidson let the good times roll

harley davidson sales UP almost 8% harley’s sales for the year are up over 7 percent. That is amazing considering the world economic crisis that has been going on for the last 4 years.   Harley has been going thru some challenges for the last couple of years. As most motorcycle companies have been. The difference(…)

honda motorcycles drops 2014 model news

2014 ctx 700 new model? honda motorcycles has dropped some not so secret info on one of its 2014 models. They call it the ctx700n.  the ctx stands for (c)omfort (t)ouring (x)experience. This is part of honda motorcycles idea of making motorcycles for the masses.  In the near future they will be rolling out other(…)

  1. roger doger: wow that is one wild looking motorcycle from honda

OCC orange county choppers merchandising files chapter 7

The merchandising division of OCC filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy protect this week in New York. The division  is called Hudson Valley Merchandising. It one of the parts of the Paul sr company. This is just part of a long going saga involving the fortunes of the OCC empire. It was just a couple of years ago(…)

  1. motorcycleppf: those occ guys. who doesnt love to hate them

Kid Rock and harley davidson!

Kid Rock and Harley Davidson. A match made in America. Harley Davidson has decided to sponsor the Kid rock rebel soul tour. the tour kicked off on feb 2 and will go thru aug 31, 2013. When he will be performing for the 110th year anniversary bash in Milwaukee.  Harley has a special fan experience(…)


2013 goldwing mustang seats have arrived

Mustang seats. Known the world over as one of the best producers of awesome aftermarket seats. Usually for most cruiser motorcycles and harley davidson motorcycles. But did you know they also make a great seat for the Honda gl1800 motorcycle.  Yep they produce a great seat designed especially for the goldwing. The seat they make(…)

  1. motorcycleppf: mustang seats the best seat in town

2013 goldwing 1800 touring champion!

2013 honda gl1800 goldwing. A state of the art touring motorcycle. Finely tuned after almost 40 years.  yep 2014 is the 40th year anniversary of the honda goldwing. Starting out in 1974 with the gl1000. There have been over a million wings made since 1974.  All of them produced in the United States till 2010.(…)

suzuki motorcycles 50 year celebration

The year is 1963 and suzuki motorcycles is looking to open up shop in north America. They are mid sized company in japan. They have been producing 2 stroke small cc motorcycles since the 1950’s.  Mostly small 2 stroke bicycles and small motorcycles. Suzuki motorcycles cuts its motorcycle teeth on the racing circuits during the(…)

2012 the year of the ducati

Like I need any reason to post my favorite picture of the panigale.  Ducati has released its sales figures for the 2012 model year and it is outstanding. The company has had a over 20% increase in sales of motorcycles. The company is also saying they had a whopping 43% increase in sale of apparel.(…)

Harley wants your pics!

Harley davidson wants you to share your pictures with the world. As part of the 110th year anniversary harley has started a social media project. A photo wall. A wall made of pictures submitted by us. They want us riders, from all over the world to share some of our pictures of our favorite adventures(…)

2013 harley davidson motorclothes

The 2013 motorclothes line has been released from harley davidson. Motorclothes is the place you go to get all your harley davidson gear.  You know if you ride the bikes you have got to get the gear to go with it.  This spring harley has added a new section for the 11o year anniversary. Now(…)

sturgis 2013 rally news and info

Its never too soon to be making plans for the annual sturgis rally. The rally will be held this year on Aug 5th thru the 11th. So now is the time to start making reservations for places to stay and tickets for events that will be happening the week of the rally. One of the(…)

Harley davidson freedom Jacket

This freedom jacket from harley davidson is taking a trip around the world.  harley has decided for its 110th year anniversary that it would lend out a single jacket to different people all over the world. Each person will use the jacket and take it on adventures all around the world. The jacket will be(…)

  1. Bursdagsgave | Edle klokker gadgets & gaver: [...] jeg tenkte jeg skulle hjelpe ham i gang med å realisere drømmen sin Jepp, jeg har kjøpt ei ramme…

Heritage Softail Classic a cruiser made for touring

Want a harley davidson that can do everything. Today it is my daily driver. That I take to work each day. This weekend it is cruiser that I burn up and down the strip. Then next month I am going on a two week trip across the state. There is only one harley that can(…)

Victory 15 year limited edition cross country

So the wraps came off the new very limited edition motorcycle from Victory today. It is going to be a cross country tour.  This very special bike can be requested from your local dealer. Victory is only producing 150 of these models.  The motorcycle will have a Red over black paint job. The colors were(…)

15 years of Victory motorcycles

15 years ago victory motorcycles was born with the birth of theV92C. It was a American made motorcycle with a harley davidson like design. It had a 92 cubic inch air cooled motor. The largest you could get at the time. It helped to start the displacement wars. That saw motors get larger and larger.(…)

Black is Better the GoPro HERO3: Black Edition

Back in black baby. GoPro has dropped its latest and greatest camera bomb. Its called the “black” and it is one little powerhouse of features and upgrades. The new camera is lighter and faster and has more resolution. This camera was made to record all your thrills and spills. It will make sure you get(…)

2013 dakar rally report

Well the big dakar rally started jan 5th in lima, peru. This is the 34th annual event. The man to beat is the 4 time winner of the dakar’s Cyril Despres. He will be riding a KTM. He currently is expanding his lead in the 11th stage of the race. He is looking to make(…)

So it begins 110 years of harley davidson

So it begins. The 110th year celebration of harley davidson! To get the year long partyy started. Harley had a burn out party. They burned out #HD110 onto the pavement.  This is for those of you that follow twitter feeds.  This will you stay connected and make tweets about your year long celebration. Harly has(…)

six new honda motorcycles for 2013

Six new honda motorcycles for 2013. Honda has dropped a a mess of new and redone motorcycles for the 2013 model year. Honda is trying to reinvent itself  in the face of the decline in global sales of motorcycles.  Almost all the new models are low cost, entry level motorcycles. Each of the new honda motorcycles is(…)

harley davidson motorcycles

HARLEY DAVIDSON harley davidson motorcycles?  Why do we love them so much? What is it about these two wheeled machines that causes such devotion? What makes them special? They are just a machine. A means of transportation. They are not the most efficient means of getting from point a to point b. You cant carry(…)

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Can indian motorcycles pull off a victory?

Indian motorcycle, a iconic brand that has ridden on the coat tails of a motorcycle that was last produced in the 50’s.  The indian chief. There are very few motorcycles as iconic as the indian chief. It style is know the world over. Its designs are still copied to this day. Now in 2013 there(…)

  1. disqus_BvUe0uxbly: I love the styling of the old indian chiefs, it will be a sad day if they stop making the…

Supercross 2013 now with more MONSTER!

Are you ready to RUMMMMMMBBBLLLEEE!  It is ama supercross time of year again. time for indoor motorcross action. Time to see the latest honda and yamaha and kawasaki and suzuki have to offer. the latest motocross bikes with the best rider in the world. All of the them flying around a indoor track.  making huge jumps(…)

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harley davidson 2020

One of the things I love about having a motorcycle blog is sharing the cool things I find on the internet. You just never know what you are going to find when you start hoping around from page to page. Or forum to forum. Some of the wildest things I find are about what a(…)

back in the saddle 2013 vfr 1200

Back in the saddle. Well the holidays are over and it is back to the grind. Lucky for me the grind is something I love doing. reading and riding and writing about motorcycles. I am a very lucky man. I live and breathe everything about motorcycles. From the time I wake up in the mornings(…)

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Happy Happy New Year from MotorcyclePPF!

Welcoming the new year!  2013 This is everyones chance to start over fresh. To chase after our dreams. This is the year when we can make anything happen. We are looking forward in 2013 to sharing everythijng we found out about motorcycles and accessories. Hopefully we will all have the best year ever.

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Spy pics from the long beach motorcycle show!

I have taken no so secret pictures of motorcycles I saw at the 2012 long beach motorcycle show. These pics should not be considered rare or hard to get. But should be enjoyed for what they are. Some of the coolest newest and oldest motorcycles. That you could have seen at the motorcycle show.  So(…)

2012 long beach motorcycle show

So I am off for a few days for a vacation.  doing a little camping and riding my Yamaha raptor 700 or my Kawasaki teryx.  While I am gone I thought I would leave you for the year with some pictures I took from the long beach california motorcycle show.  It was presented by progressive(…)

Merry Christmas from MotorcyclePPF!

Merry Christmas from motorcycleppf. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people

fast n loud biker build off 2012

Fast n loud. Grease monkey garage. 2 guys with a lot to prove. Playing with the big boys building choppers. And they seem to be doing a hell of a job showing them how it is done. Discovery has decided this year to add a new player to the biker build off. The guys from(…)

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More comments

Jesse James biker build off 2012

Jesse James. The legend, The builder of custom motorcycles.  The most skilled builder of motorcycles on the planet. Just ask him! just kidding After watching the biker build off, the one impression I got was that jesse felt he was the only real custom motorcycle builder on that stage.  And from the way he figures(…)

american chopper the final episode!

Love them or hate them. The guys at orange county choppers dominated the custom motorcycle world. Everyone who watch’s TV knows who Senior, Junior and Mikey are. They brought custom choppers into the homes of millions of viewers all over the world. Both motorcycle lovers and non motorcycle lovers alike. You didn’t have to know(…)

  1. thomas dobias: i saw the last show on american chopper i like seeing the guys on the show build chopper motor cycles…

top ten motorcycle gift guide!

Its that time year again.  I bet you thought Christmas.  No its the top ten Christmas gifts to get the person in your life that loves motorcycles! Every year here at MotorcyclePPF  we search high and low. Looking for the best gifts to help you readers pick just the right gift to give to your(…)

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OCC biker build off 2012

discovery channel biker build off 2012. Four big players in the custom motorcycle market. All the best at what they do. here is OCC entry into the 2012 biker build off.  It definitely looks like a OCC custom motorcycle.  Some off the shelf parts with some very custom design elements. A much better entry in(…)

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Long Live the Duke. The ktm 690 duke

The return of the ktm duke 690. The baddest single cylinder motorcycle in the world. The most fun you can have on two wheels. The motorcycle that started the supermoto craze. The one motorcycle they are all copied from. The DUKE! KTM has released the new production duke 690 for the north american market. Orignally(…)

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Paul Jr designs biker build off 2012

Love him or hate him paul jr and his motorcycles make people talk and comment. Him and his father are bigger draws than the motorcycles they build. Some people think that is a good thing. some people think that is a bad thing. I think that anything that makes people want to jump in the(…)

2013 zero motorcycles The future is electric!

The new electric motorcycles for 2013 are finally getting plugged in! Zero motorcycles has dropped the details on the new models for the 2013 model year. And they are looking good. Every year zero motorcycles is upping the ante on electric motorcycles. 2013 looks to be the best year yet. Zero has made major changes(…)

See whats New! Long beach motorcycle show

Heading to the Long beach international motorcycle show! You have to love living out here on the west coast. We get a lot of love from the manufactures. With all the different bike shows that come to the LA area. All the major and minor motorcycle manufactures will be there. Showing off their latest toys(…)

Evel Knievel helmet and track suit up for auction

The year was 1975 and I was 9 years old. I was sitting in front of a old black and white TV. The knob for changing the channel was broken so we had to use needle nose pliers to change the channels.  Sometimes the picture would get fuzzy so we would send out uncle out(…)

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motorcycle ads from the past!

So looking back thru some of my  old motorcycle magazines I saw a bunch of vintage motorcycle ads. I figured it would be pretty awesome to scan a few of these “blasts from the past” and share them with everyone.  The first is a classic cigarette motorcycle ad featuring a classic harley davidson with a(…)

How to winterize your harley davidson

Let it snow let it snow let it snoooooow! Its that time of the year again when we need to park and store our motorcycles for the winter months. Most of us just jump off the bike and shut it off and hope it starts again in the spring. Well that used to be okay(…)

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More comments

Concept of the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum

Your looking at the concept drawings for the new Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.   The drawings were recently released to the public at city meeting. A company called Forefront design from rapid city south dakota was hired to draw the concept for a new museum;. The city wanted a new museum to  better represent the heritage of(…)

motorcycle gloves that control your ipod

wouldn’t be nice  to be able to answer your cell phone while you are ridding your motorcycle? wouldn’t it be nice to not have to stop your motorcycle and take off your gloves and get out your cell phone and press the answer button. Well a couple of guys have invented motorcycle gloves that will let you(…)

Apple gets its lightning from harley davidson

harley davidson and Apple?  put them together and you get lightning. Not the kind that comes from the sky. The kind that plugs into your Ipad or your I-phone or your I-whatever.  Apple needed a new name for its special dock connectors.  (Who knew you needed to name the connector you use to charge your(…)

harley davidson sales are up!

Happy days are here again!  harley davidson sales are up 10% in october. That is twice as much as the analyst predicted.  They said that based on dealer sales reports that retail sales averaged a 10% increase for the month of october. This is compared to the 2011 sales figures.  harley had already saw a(…)

harley davidson vrod muscle!

It has been over 10 years ago harley davidson gave birth to the v twin muscle bike. It was called the v rod. With a little help from Porsche with the engine. They helped sort out the totally new overhead cam, water cooled, 60 degree v twin. This was a radical change for harley davidson.(…)

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50 years honda motorcycle and the baja 1000

The annual baja 1000. The baddest race on the whole planet.  A mad dash from ensenada to la plaz mexico.  Honda motorcycles has been there for 50 years.  In 1962 two crazy guys took off on honda cl72 scramblers.they wanted to prove to the world that honda motorcycles had what it took to run the(…)

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City of Sturgis made $400000 last year, wants MORE!

The city of sturgis south dakota made $400000 profit for this years rally. But they want more.  The city of sturgis has dropped its sponsor agent and has opened bids for who want to be the new one.  The current sponsor agent, Motoring USA had doubled the revenue from the previous year.  but the city(…)

James Bonds honda crf250r from skyfall charity auction

Bond, James Bond. 007 license to kill. and now charity auction motorcycle.  The honda crf250r that was used in the mega hit “skyfall” has been donated to the BBC children in need charity. This honda motorcycle will be auctioned off to help the kids. We all love bond movies and we all love props from(…)

2013 triumph 675r new engine new body same winner!

The birth of a new superbike. Triumph has dropped the details on its newest motorcycle. The new completely  rebuilt from the ground up, triumph daytona 675r. It is a work of art. A master piece of design and form. Its sleek lines. Its race inspired build. It is the ulitmate in a race bike, but(…)

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2013 honda cbr500 or cb500f or cb500x

So honda finally let the cat or cbr outta the bag. The spec for the new cbr500 was released and pretty much matches up with the story we had a month ago. There will be 3 different versions of the new motorcycle. All three models will have the same 500cc twin engine.  Each with a(…)

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New 2013 honda goldwing F6B supertourer!

The birth of the super tourer!  the new 2013 honda goldwing f6b! This new low rider bagger wannabe is honda’s latest attempt to attract a younger buyer for their bike.  Based on the time tested gl1800 goldwing but with more modern bagger style fairings and bags. A new lower stance and a new shorty windscreen. The(…)

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james dean rebel with a triumph

James Dean. The essence of cool. The original rebel without a cause. Lover of fast cars and rider of motorcycles. James Dean represented everything we love about motorcycles. The freedom, the speed, the coolness, the machines. He loved life and loved to go fast in his cars and on his motorcycles. The last motorcycle he(…)

harley davidson supports our veterans!

The military and harley davidson go way back. As long as there has been harley davidson’s there have been soldiers riding them. They have been used in battles and to help the wounded and the sick. They are a part of the history of the united states. They have been there through the good times(…)

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Top Ten Sexiest motorcyles of all Time!

  The top ten sexiest motorcycles of all time. Here at motorcycleppf we decided we needed to know what are the top ten sexiest motorcycles of all time. So after exhaustive research and looking at hundreds and hundreds of different bikes.  We sorted it down to a list of 10 awesome motorcycles.  Some are new(…)

Air powered yamaha motorcycle zero emissions

The future of motorcycles may be a air powered engine. A gent down under has built a yamaha dirt bike that runs on compressed air. This yamaha motorcycle truly has zero emissions. The motorcycle is the brain child of aussie inventor Dean Benstead. He is an industrial designer and  graduated from the RMIT out of (…)

Bond rides a Honda CRF250R in the new Skyfall

  Bond, James Bond. The new James Bond flick comes out and its names is “skyfall“. Everyone thinks the star of the movie is Daniel Craig.  but here at motorcycleppf we know the real star is the new honda  crf 250r.  Honda has made a awesome motorcycle and the producers of skyfall knew that when(…)

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yamaha motorcycles Latest News and reviews

yamaha motorcycles has a secret it is keeping about a new(old) engine design. The word is that either or both the 2014 R1 or R6 will have a newly designed engine and it is going to be a triple. Yes you read that right. A three cylinder engine. Yep a triple.  yamaha is working on(…)

New honda cbr500 spy shots

So honda motorcycles has been working on a new motorcycle to compete with the Kawasaki Ninja 500.  It is the new 2013 cbr500. Which is a surprise since honda has not had a motorcycle in this class. For as long as I can remember. Which means kawasaki has been taking all of the mid weight(…)

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  5. 2013 honda cbr500 or cb500f or cb500x - [...] outta the bag. The spec for the new cbr500 was released and pretty much matches up with the story…

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